Real Estate

We are one of the largest independent property management company in the marketplace, providing the most sophisticated property solutions for all types of investors.

Our strength stems from our over-riding commitment to work in partnership with our clients. Clients’ expectations and satisfaction is paramount to and undoubtedly the reason why we are the industry leader in real estate development and management.

Our proven track record ensures that Clients receive value for money in the services we provide. We handle all services with a very high level of professionalism, as client satisfaction is our topmost priority, and at no extra or hidden charges.

We offer good and flexible payment plans on all our products and services. Our client includes individuals, co-operative societies, Government institutions and Companies.

Our real estate transaction of business or company started 20 decades ago, we started buying lands both in our country home inewi anambra state and our location, Lagos.

Our interest grew to the point of consulting many residential houses in satellite town of Lagos by VC njepu street/ kessonton Broadway. Fig 1 as seen is a building of four floors, good for Hospital, Hotel, School, etc. This building as of 2021 is up for sale. Fig 2 is a building of four floors in owolabi street close to chevron in Satelite Town good for Hospital, Hotel, School as of 2021 is up for sale.

We have invested outside of Nigeria, see Fig 3 a magestic document of our investment apartment in greater marchester, England. Although we have flipped this property, we extended our investment property to the shore of America, buying an Apartment at windor street, philadephia USA, this we have also fliped and many other landed properties.







A 5 Duplex with two units of 3 bedroom flat at VC njepu/ kesseington Broadway Stallite fig 4 is up for sale. Value of investment property including ones in our country home.